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5 apr. 2013

New transducer

Received a new transom mount Airmar TM270W today, it is a wide angle 50khz/200khz high performance transducer for my Lowrance HDS-12 touch.
Have a look at the size of that monster....

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3 apr. 2013

A compilation of new and old CHIRP and structure scan Screen shots

It is simply too many good screen shots to just pick one or two. I think that I have at least 1000 screen shots.  Do you have any question regarding any of them, feel free to comment, and leave your email.
I normally reply within a day or two. 
Equipment used while taking these screen shots was;
Simrad NSE-12
Simrad BSM-2
Simrad NSS-7
Simrad Gofree WIFI (I have screen pics of my iPad running CHIRP)

Lowrance HDS-12 Touch
Lowrance LSS-1

Airmar B175L CHIRP
Airmar B175M CHIRP

plus a lot of other electronics of course :-)


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