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13 maj 2017

Installations :)

Spent a few hours on board the boat for some rewiring and installations.
Sorry, can't show you the new exciting prototypes :)
But stay tuned.

I will try to lift the boat this week for a heavy cleaning and engine maintenance:)

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Upgrading and selling

My price is only suggestions, so "or best offer" is the deal.
Upgrading quite a bit and I am selling some electronics.
Simrad 4G radar used but in great condition 15000kr


Lowrance HDS12 Gen2 touch
18000kr used in great condition.

Lowrance HDS9 Gen3 Touch
Used, great condition 12000kr

Transducers, selling two WIDE angle 1kw transducers. One is a low/high CHIRP.
Airmar TM265LH Wide(first ever Wide).

Airmar TM270W, tested works great!
Bud ?

Simrad NSE12 back in the days it had a prize tag saying 64000kr.
Used in great condition 10000kr.

Simrad NSS8
Used but in great condition

Fishhawk X4
Screen is new, but tested, transducer and mounting is used.

Selling a bunch of GoPro 3, two of them are blacks, and two are silver.
Loads of housings, spare batteries,
2 black
3 silver
3 trollpro3 Dr Downrigger series deep water housings.
1 tripod
2 remote controls
1 new touchscreen
1 extra charger (cig cable)
Bid from 15000 for the lot.
3 underwater filter to avoid the film getting greenish.
2 camera bags
I may split it in four lots, three with trollpro and accessories.
Approx 6000kr for each lot.

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12 maj 2017


Never have there been a higher variety of Chirp sonars, and CHIRP transducers available than today.
Both transducers and sonar modules are today available in almost all price segments. Since they show up more and more frequently second hand as well, here's a few tip so you don't waste your money on old sonar sold as CHIRP, or when someone tries to make you buy an expensive transducer, when what you need first of all is a CHIRP sonar/ module.

· The sonar sounder module is responsible for producing the CHIRP pulses.

· The transducer connected to the sonar sounder is responsible for transferring that electrical energy into sound waves.

· ALL transducers are capable of being used to transfer CHIRP pulses into water.

· Transducers that claim to be CHIRP transducers may be better suited/tuned/matched to utilize CHIRP pulses, but ALL transducers are capable of being used for CHIRP.

· The HDS Gen2, and Gen2Touch, NSSevo1,and more or less all other brand sonars have sonar sounders in them. They are not capable of producing CHIRP pulses. They can have CHIRP compatible transducers connected to them but they will still ONLY produce the single “Conventional” sonar pulse. AGAIN, CHIRP is a function of the sonar sounder.

· Connecting a HDS Gen2, Gen2Touch or NSSevo1 to a sonar module capable of producing CHIRP pulses (SonarHub, BSM2, BSM3, S5100, HDS Gen3, HDS Carbon, etc.) is an effective method…but again the sonar module is producing the CHIRP pulses.

Here's the definition of CHIRP

CHIRP = Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse

Kjell Hansen Team Scandinavian Trolling
Richard Maxey Navico

9 maj 2017

4 Sale, loads of Fishing and boating gear

Simrad 4G radar antenna, used but in great condition 16000kr

Lowrance HDS12 Gen2 touch
Used but in great condition

Standard Horizon HX280E
Brand new in box 2100kr

Coastkey for twin installation.
First model.
Used but in great condition 2500kr

Coastkey for twin installation, latest model. 4500kr
Used in like new condition!

Sea star 1.7 hydraulic steering helm pump.
When I installed my Ullman Dynamics helm chair I needed to install a helm pump that I could tilt.
So there's nothing wrong with the pump. 2000kr

New in box Suzuki twin motor top mount remote control. 2500kr

New in box 4 Shimano Tekota 600LC line counter reels.
I filled three of the reels with line at the same time as I did the other 25 Tekotas.
I stored them in their boxes in my basement, and forgot all about the , till I found them a fe weeeks ago.
Price is 6000kr for all four of them, or 1700kr each.
I may have enough line for the fourth one.

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Nice day on the Baltic Sea :)

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